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The USUK Network is a collection of shows that are designed to look at the subtle differences in culture between the US and the UK.
We have USUK: What’s The Difference? With Alex Whiteley and Tom Bruno. A look at culture either side of the Atlantic. Whether it be movie stars, editors, producers, food, authors, artists. Anything is up for grabs here.
Yelling At Clouds, featuring the one and only Erik Pflueger. If you are a fan of Hollywood Babble On, you know Erik to be a very talented artist. He is here to drop so art facts on you guys in the only way Erik knows how to. So grab a seat, school is in session.
USUK: Wednesday “Not So” Live, an audio playback of our live show which is recorded live every Wednesday. Just the USUK crew, catching up. No script, nu agenda just banter and the odd game thrown in.


Thanks to the fine relationship that we have with https://tvguestpert.com/  AL and Tom bring you a fantastic guest in Dr Sheila Forman. 

Dr Forman used to be a practicing attorney but now, she is a Psychologist and Life Coach dedicated to helping people better their lives. Today we discuss the healthy and unhealthy relationships we as humans have with food.

For example, even though AL is on Keto there is always an urge to sit in front of the TV and annihilate a pack of Oreos. But why does he feel that way and how can he re programme his brain to not think that way? This is where Dr Forman comes in, this is here field. 

Also we have to know, if you're already on your way to making it as an attorney, why the sudden change on career choice?

If you have similar issues with Oreos, then this episode may be very helpful for you. Go to https://tameyourappetite.com/ to find out everything you need to know. Dr Forman has so much to offer. Her books look fantastic!

Later Lounge: The guys discuss robotic farming and they breakdown that stunning Spidey trailer!

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We are back for a big hefty slice of knowledge pie, washed down with a humongous swig of Strawberry flavoured, powdered milkshake.

Today Erik is talking to Alex about the movie The Founder starring Michael Keaton. If you wish to go and watch the movie before you watch this, we will forgive you, but it is not necessary.

The movie is based on the origins of McDonald's and the tense war of wits between Roy Kroc (Keaton) and the McDonald brothers.

Why though has this sparked so much intrigue from world famous artist Erik Pflueger?

Well step into our golden arched classroom and we will tell you all about it...class in session

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Jon Levine joins AL today to talk about his career as an actor. Having recently starred in Loki as a dialogue counting office clerk, there is a lot of excitement in the air.

I mean how would you feel if you became an official part of the MCU?! Jon has also starred in the amazing Kobra Kai as a health inspector. There seems to be a trend setting here right?

Well Jon is anything but, the stiff office types that he has been cast as recently. Offering us a look into the life of a hard working actor who is determined to book that big role, Jon generously talks with AL.

Where does all of this begin? How does one become and actor and most importantly, WHERE THE HELL IS TOM BRUNO?!!

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AL is totally obsessed with the show Ted Lasso. So he is super excited to bring Moe Jeudy-Lamour AKA goalkeeper, Zoreaux to the show.

We find out all about Moe's career. From his 1st experiences on the set of X-men and the amazing acting feats he witnessed from Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen.

How did Moe learn to play the part of a Premier League goalkeeper so convincingly and what did the cast and crew get up to during lockdown that helped them grow closer as a team?

In the Later Lounge AL and Tom discuss the Turner and Hooch TV Series and they go all in with a spoilerific review of The Suicide Squad. Al grades the movie

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Welcome to our 4th lesson, Yelling At Clouds Unheard Melody. Erik Pflueger tells his co-host Alex Whiteley all about a performance he saw when he was a student that blew his mind (see this week's brilliant artwork for reference)

This performance is something that has resonated with Erik throughout his life, opening questions, then questions about the questions. Why is this important?

Well Erik is here to explain, sit down folks, class is in session.

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Join Alex Whiteley and Tom Bruno as they speak to actor Sean Kanan. Getting his big break from Karate Kid 3, Sean has had a depth of experience in acting in many things, including 2 movies recently with Bruce Willis.

The guys try to get inside the head of this hard working actor to find out what is difficult, what are the rewards and also, will he feature in Kobra Kai?

Take a listen to this fantastic interview with this high kicking but genuinely nice guy.

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AL and guest host Andy Imhof speak to promising young actor, Slade Monroe. Slade is a young guy who shows so much drive and composure, it made AL and Andy really look at their younger selves and ask questions!

Starring in 12 Mighty Orphans alongside Luke Wilson and Martin Sheen, Slade plays the part of the quarterback, the dream role for any up and coming talent. This episode is designed to explore Slade's experiences as "the new kid on the block" as he puts it.

In the "Later Lounge" the carpets have just been cleaned and the bar restocked. AL and Andy discuss the most memorable, horrendous times they've had at work. We would love to hear your messed up work stories send them to usukglobal@gmail.com and we will read them out on our live show!

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The final chapter of our coverage of The Battle Of Shrewsbury Weekend brings stories from around the arena. As we switched to mobile mode, we were able to get some interviews with folks from all over the Battle Of Shrewsbury showground. We bring you:

An interview with a medieval field surgeon,
Jules chats to Phil who is a blacksmith,
Some pre-battle excitement,
post-battle reactions from Hotspur and a man who was ridden down by a horse,
and a closing interview from the man himself, Matthew Howarth. This interview got highjacked by 2 of the horses that came over to say hello and by hello we mean, gently nudged in the back until we gave them attention.

At USUK and The Shrewsbury Biscuit, we want to say a huge thank you for letting us be a part of this fantastic weekend. Just being amidst the stunning atmosphere and sampling the passion that you guys hold for what you do was a real honour. We would love to be a part of things next year. Who knows maybe AL might don some armour and a battle axe...we shall see!

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Join Alex Whiteley and the big brained Erik Pflueger for Yelling At Clouds: Maximilian Overdrive where they take a look at the 1979 movie, The Black Hole.

Erik forced AL to watch the film, forced him! Leaving him totally perplexed. This shoddy 70's Sci-fi felt like a Star Wars rip off to AL and was full of problems.

Erik's job is to educated us all as to why this movie can be considered as great as it is completely ridiculous. Bringing us evidence of both the flaws and the brilliance of this bright eyed (ahem!) 70's sci-fi.

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While AL is away, Tom is here to play...at being a Pod-God! First off Tom speaks to Andy Imhof from The Horsepower Hour Podcast about their first cars and cars they always wanted when they were younger.

Tom then brings in Jeramy Wilcox from Fandom Squad Podcast to help interview music legend, Blue October bassist Matt Noveskey.

What is the life of an "Art Rock Star" like? What was it like joining a band that he was already fond of and where has this journey taken him?

I need to add that I bailed on Tom so he had to build this episode together by himself and after watching it back, I am super proud of him. What a stunning podcasting superstar he is turning out to be. Well done my TransAtlantic amigo! - AL

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