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A collection of four podcasts designed to build a bridge over the Atlantic.
We bring you: THE WEEKLY BIZARRE: Podstars - Hosted by Alex Whiteley & David Rabe/Tom Stevens. CHRONICLES - Hosted by Jamie Westwood & Tom Stevens WHATS THE DIFFERENCE? Hosted by Alex Whiteley and Tom Bruno USUK (NOT SO) LIVE - The audio from our weekly live shows.


Welcome back to the chateau for the twenty-seventh edition of USUK Chronicles - The Chronicles of Rivkah Reyes

This week we open the doors of the chateau to the incredibly talented Rivkah Reyes, Rivkah came into the spotlight as the bad ass Katie in School of Rock alongside Jack Black but that is just a small part of this incredibly strong and powerful person.

Rivkah is an actor, a comedian, a musician and very recently became a podcaster also. We sit down with Riv and talk all about their life before and after School of Rock, we discuss their time with Second City in Chicago, their music and of course their new podcast 'Where Are We Now' and so much more!

This is a beautiful conversation with a beautiful person with so many tangents and twists and turns including British accents, the London gherkin and much more!

All this as well as your usual Chronicles moments with the boys can be found inside this weeks thrilling episode of USUK Chronicles


[00:00] Intro/Catch-up

[19:37] Callums Treachings/Toms Journal

[37:08] Interview with Rivkah Reyes

[02:03:00] Audience Participation


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Join Tom and David Rabe as they chat with multi award winning photographer Peter Alessandria. An award winner yes, but things were quite different for Peter in the past. Not only did Peter have a completely different career as a lawyer, but there was something lacking when it came to becoming a world class photographer, belief. 
Peter has a new book out that explains his journey, however he shares enough tid-bits with Tom and David to show you, the listener that extraordinary things can happen when you believe in yourself.

Please go to Bebiggertoday.com to find Peter's book "Bigger Than You Think You Are" You might be interested in the free Zoom workshops that Peter is offering (I'm going to be booking one myself! -AL) 

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Join AL and new USUKer Orey Kimbler as they speak to the super charming Erik Pflueger. Of course there is a collection of strange, straaaange news stories to talk about and then, we run Erik through The Gauntlet.

Erik is starting a new podcast on the USUK Network very soon called Shouting At Clouds very soon. Keep your eyes peeled for it to drop!

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Join the guys for a relaxing, chilled out, mellow, calm er... aesthetically pleasing chat.
This is released a day late but it's worth waiting for, this was a real feel-good episode, enjoy!

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Welcome back to the chateau for the twenty-sixth edition of USUK Chronicles - The Chronicles of Jeremy Saffer.

This week we open the doors of the chateau for a man who has taken the photo of pretty much every person in the world of rock and metal and beyond. Jeremy has taken photos of legends like Corey Taylor, Alice Cooper, Doug Bradley, GWAR and SO many more! Not only does Jeremy take photos he also does seminars teaching people how to do what he does, he is the author of photo book 'Daughters of Darkness' and has even directed music videos.

We sit down with Jeremy and talk all about his start in the world of rock and metal, how he got involved in photography, we hear some amazing stories of his time taking photos with stories involving people like Jonathan Davis from KoRn and Randy Blyth of Lamb of God. We also talk all about his wonderful friendship with New Years Day vocalist Ash Costello aswell as ending the interview by giving your boys a little challenge!

All this and so much more can be found in this weeks thrilling episode of USUK Chronicles

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Years ago AL and Tom made 2 separate lists, who would be our dreams guests. Billy West appeared on both lists. This is THE dream interview for the guys. Billy takes you guys through his story, what makes this voice acting genius unique? How does approach things like auditions and character development?
Billy tells us about the touching way he paid tribute to Phil Hartman. Of course there are many voices and impressions throughout this episode. We mean it when we say this was a dream come true....thank you SO much Billy!!

Make Sure you stay tuned for the Later Lounge, right after the interview. AL and Tom have a few messages for you.

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AL and David bring another week of strange news stories and another edition of The Gautlet.

Featuring David's Speakeasy co-host and life-long friend Joshua Howshall, making for a very....interesting Gauntlet.

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The guys come to you with a bullsh*t free, bloat free episode, no games, no pre-planned topics, just hit record and chat. It is such a great new format for the show which leaves plenty of room for audience participation.

Coming to you raw and uncut, just as the day it was recorded....enjoy

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Welcome back to the chateau for the twenty-fifth edition of USUK Chronicles - The Chronicles of Paul Rugg.

This week we throw open the doors of the chateau for the one and only Paul Rugg, Paul is an American screenwriter, producer, voice actor and puppeteer. Known most famously for his role in being one of the original writers on a little known Warner Bros cartoon from the 90s called....The Animaniacs!

We talk to Paul all about he got started in his career, his time at Warner Bros writing for The Animaniacs, how he ended up doing voices on the show, how Freakazoid ended up getting his own show, his voice acting career and the mental state needed for it, his role on Disney Plus show Earth to Ned and all about a viral video with him and his dog??

All this and much more inside this weeks exciting episode of USUK Chronicles

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AL and Tom speak to Dr Niall McCann who is the Conservation Director for National Park Rescue, National Geographic Explorer and all round badass. Niall has so many amazing stories to share from simple (but annoying) situations like the theft of a whole Snickers supply, to a Mexican stand-off with pirates and life out on the ocean for weeks in a rowing boat. Niall has seen it all.

Niall had a horrific accident too, we talk to him about it and how he made his recovery.
Got to https://www.nationalparkrescue.org/ and find out what Niall is working on and how you can help.

Later Lounge: AL and Tom catch up and AL has some great news about his quest to find roles as a voice actor!

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