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The USUK Network is a collection of shows that are designed to look at the subtle differences in culture between the US and the UK.
We have USUK: What’s The Difference? With Alex Whiteley and Tom Bruno. A look at culture either side of the Atlantic. Whether it be movie stars, editors, producers, food, authors, artists. Anything is up for grabs here.
Yelling At Clouds, featuring the one and only Erik Pflueger. If you are a fan of Hollywood Babble On, you know Erik to be a very talented artist. He is here to drop so art facts on you guys in the only way Erik knows how to. So grab a seat, school is in session.
USUK: Wednesday “Not So” Live, an audio playback of our live show which is recorded live every Wednesday. Just the USUK crew, catching up. No script, nu agenda just banter and the odd game thrown in.


The efforts that go into making a movie like Jason Vs Freddy are never talked about. In fact there were a series of scripts considered for the concept of Jason Vs Freddy.

Todays guest, author Dustin McNeill writes amazing books that fill lots of blanks. Offering lots of really interesting facts about movies and what could have been with many movies including Jason Vs Freddy, Halloween and Phantasm.

Dustin speaks to Tom and David about what his influences were growing up and what inspired him to become the author he is today. You will be shocked at how much goes into the research and writing of Dustin's books, yet he somehow manages to pump out a book every year. 

Dustin was a fantastic guest and we were grateful to have him come and chat with us, enjoy!

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AL and Tom speak to New York born director Thomas J. Churchill who tells the guys how he became the director that he is today. Offering some very valuable advice for any budding young movie makers, Thomas takes us through the process of making a movie.

Thomas' latest werewolf flick "Amityville Moon" may peak you interest. Brought to us via Lionsgate & inspired by Thomas' love for werewolf movies "Amityville Werewolf" looks like a fantastic offering for fans of horror.

The Later Lounge is under new management and AL chats to Tom about the whole Alec Baldwin thing... If y'know what I mean!

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We welcome back our good friend Mick Strawn to the show. Having previously featured on a live episode and on Chronicles Mick is back to talk us about his amazing career.

From building the blood sprinkler scene in Blade to washing out a set in a freak accident on a TV set Mick takes us through so many stories.

We find out how a well planned elevator pitch won Mick the opportunity to work on Nightmare on Elm Street 3 which featured one of his favourite death scenes of all time.

This episode is a hoot

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Tom Bruno and David Rabe speak to true pop culture creative genius, David Kirschner. You will be blown away by the achievements of this man who (for example) simply wrote Hocus Pocus for his daughter. The movie was slammed by critics originally and then went on to be the huge success we all know today and it DOESN'T STOP THERE.

David wrote "An American Tale" and then sold it to Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy with an elevator pitch at an elaborate Hollywood party. We haven't even spoke about Child's Play or the fact that David co-owns Curious frickin' George!!

 David is a top bloke. This is a great episode, full of lots of inside Hollywood info and I'm sure you are going to love it. If so, please give this a share!!

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AL is joined by guest host David Rabe and our special guest Daniel Goodman. This episode is all about money. What is important to understand about money from a young age? Is there something we can learn from a young age that can help us learn about investments, stocks and the importance of money.

How can you become a stock trader? What are the risks? What is the process from your first $100 onwards? Daniel talks to the guys about his experiences as a trader, including some inside information to feed your curiosity. We ask ourselves the question "When is enough, enough when it comes to making money?" When would you stop?

In the Later Lounge AL and David chat about books, anime and the dangers of trying new things

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Brought to you via a collaboration between USUK and TV Guestpert, AL and Tom speak to Jenny Black, founder of Media Trauma care. A company that is designed help those that are suffering the serious effects of social media and the use of devices such as mobile phones.

When is comes to the devastating effects that the media that gets rammed down our throats, Jenny is the ultimate expert. A well respected therapist of mental health, parenting, marriage and  relationships, Jenny is witnessing the damage first hand.

So what can we do to help our bodies reset and re-learn what is really important to us? Do you have an unhealthy connection to social media right now? Are you struggling creatively? does your entire life revolve around that machine we all carry around in our pockets? Well this episode might offer some very helpful advice.

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AL and Tom speak to Teneisha Collins who joins them this week. Teneisha is a Canadian actress who starred alongside Kevin Hart in Fatherhood which is in the top 10 most viewed movies on Netflix of all time.

Where does it begin for Teneisah though? What is it like as a Canadian actress trying to find work on American TV compared to Canadian TV, is it hard? And why did she pick up the nickname The Pebble?

What was it like working alongside Kevin Hart and with Seth Rogan on the very popular Future Man TV show?

This podcast is fun, light hearted and flows very easily. This was a breeze to record and Teneisha is absolutely a new fave of ours.

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Thanks to the fine relationship that we have with https://tvguestpert.com/  AL and Tom bring you a fantastic guest in Dr Sheila Forman. 

Dr Forman used to be a practicing attorney but now, she is a Psychologist and Life Coach dedicated to helping people better their lives. Today we discuss the healthy and unhealthy relationships we as humans have with food.

For example, even though AL is on Keto there is always an urge to sit in front of the TV and annihilate a pack of Oreos. But why does he feel that way and how can he re programme his brain to not think that way? This is where Dr Forman comes in, this is here field. 

Also we have to know, if you're already on your way to making it as an attorney, why the sudden change on career choice?

If you have similar issues with Oreos, then this episode may be very helpful for you. Go to https://tameyourappetite.com/ to find out everything you need to know. Dr Forman has so much to offer. Her books look fantastic!

Later Lounge: The guys discuss robotic farming and they breakdown that stunning Spidey trailer!

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We are back for a big hefty slice of knowledge pie, washed down with a humongous swig of Strawberry flavoured, powdered milkshake.

Today Erik is talking to Alex about the movie The Founder starring Michael Keaton. If you wish to go and watch the movie before you watch this, we will forgive you, but it is not necessary.

The movie is based on the origins of McDonald's and the tense war of wits between Roy Kroc (Keaton) and the McDonald brothers.

Why though has this sparked so much intrigue from world famous artist Erik Pflueger?

Well step into our golden arched classroom and we will tell you all about it...class in session

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Jon Levine joins AL today to talk about his career as an actor. Having recently starred in Loki as a dialogue counting office clerk, there is a lot of excitement in the air.

I mean how would you feel if you became an official part of the MCU?! Jon has also starred in the amazing Kobra Kai as a health inspector. There seems to be a trend setting here right?

Well Jon is anything but, the stiff office types that he has been cast as recently. Offering us a look into the life of a hard working actor who is determined to book that big role, Jon generously talks with AL.

Where does all of this begin? How does one become and actor and most importantly, WHERE THE HELL IS TOM BRUNO?!!

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